About UdokaJane

The Brains Behind The Brawn

In its relatively short life, Udokajane a blog of note: Lifestyle, Entertainment and  Inspiration matter. Aspiring bloggers are welcome to sit a spell… Learn a little something and laugh your sorrows away…


UdokaJane’s Mission Statement ” If that sheds a little light to whom who has lost confidence and hope in life and themselves.

If you think you’re successful, why not bring a little light into the lives of those who have lost all hope and dreams?One of the reasons I started blogging is to inspire and motivate people, you need not to be from a rich background to be successful, you can walk your way up there and live your dream life if you mean it.

A little humor is essential, especially when you’re trying to make a big name for yourself  Sh*t happens, and UdokaJane’s  motto is- Fix it, deal with it, Laugh at it… and move on.  That said, I hope you find this blog insanely valuable, insanely useful, and insanely fun.  In that order.


And if you do (or don’t) find this blog insanely everything, feel free to contact me and tell me exactly what you love or don’t love, so I can continue to make this place better for you.  In the mean time…

A Little History

Udokajane was created in September 2014. It was created with the goal to motivate and inspire people by telling my successful struggle stories in life. However it ended up morphing into something more, and something completely amazing.  I found I was connecting with people, and that people were learning from me. Then I added My lifestyle and entertainment. guess what?

It is a Blast!

Now… About Me!

I’m Udoka Jane Emereonye, friends call me Udy:  the one and only Udokajane!(others are counterfeit)  lifestyle, news and entertainment blogger. I have seen who also do what I do, but it is safe to say I’ve built my life around it.

I started to blog when I moved to the USA 2014  to further my education, and was motivated to start blogging because of the struggle I went through, trail times when I was struggling to succeed as a young lady. And also to share the challenges I faced when I was trying to move to the USA, living in the USA and having sprung up from a third world country like Nigeria.

Yes, I started story but decided to write a book rather than putting it out there. The book is still under construction, and I wish to finish it up someday.

I love learning and have a BA in Economics and an MBA which I have fallen inlove with. I’m an info tech junkie, breath and eat info tech system.

Moving to the USA is one the best decisions I’ve taken in life because it’s what I’ve always wanted. I’ve wanted to own a blog, live in the USA and further my education, I could pratically say I’m living my dream because I’ve achieved almost them all. Don’t hate me, you can do it too.

I’m obsessed with positive ageing: Life’s been fun but I believe the best is yet to come.I’m pretty sure I didn’t settle permanently because I still have many outstanding travel dreams on my travel bucket list to South America, Central America and Asia, Europe and a deep yearning to visit Gambia and I know that will happen in the fullness of time.

Thank You for Joining Me at About UdokaJane

I’m excited about the load of fun you’ll be having here, have more fun and feel fabulous.

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Happy living!