Photos: How UdokaJane Spent Her New Year / What She Wore

Happy New Year to you all. Sorry it's coming late, but it's better late than never.  About my new year, the same friend who invited me over for brunch party on the 25th also sent me another IV to come over for new year's party. Trust me when I say I was surprised. I mean! I just left her house less than a week and she is sent another IV. Oh well, let's go and get fat for the last time again before hitting the gym was what I said.

I had a little problem on what to wear and what not, made a quick post on Facebook and asked for help in selecting an outfit. Well some sweet people like  Martins, Tochi, Henry, Maria Gabriella and many others helped me to make a choice even though I went contrary to their choice. Thank you guys, but that gold dress was too tight, I need to lose more weight in order to rock it in a way you'll like. I honestly look an overfeed baby in it. Trust me, you don't want to see me in that dress.

The things I'm wearing is among my black Friday collections click here to see. Except for my little black dress(A must have for every woman) that I got from the palms mall lekki Lagos when I was living in Lagos, Nigeria.

I had much fun, tried different food, danced to Psquare, Adekunle gold, Tekno, Tiwa savage and so many African musician's song I can't remember. We started off the new year pretty well and I hope you did and still doing the-same.

Please stay happy and focus this year, don't give no one chance to steal your happiness because we all deserve to be happy.

Also, don't just pray for dream to come true, work towards your dream. I know some times God need to push us to someone that will help us start up, (Divine connection) I speak that connection into our lives in Jesus name.

Don't give up please. I' m going to tell you guys an interesting story someday.
Quote: Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with a positive thoughts, your life will tart to change. By Anonymous