What Perfume Do You Wear. Learn How To Choose Your Perfume Wisely ( Article not written by me)

EDPs, EDTs or EDCs? 

A friend of mine once ignorantly said most perfumes are made by “these Eau De Parfum people” (he obviously saw it on many perfumes), and I couldn’t help but laugh at his shallow understanding of the term, but then truth be told, not many of us perfume users know what those words mean or stand for so to say. So, for today, how about a lecture...

 Perfume 101! Normally there is a proportion of high grade alcohol and or water that is been added to fragrance oils, any mixture of such with a lower proportion of oil to alcohol is known as an EAU. 

Now EDP, EDT... EDC are all simply connotations to explain the strength of fragrance...or let’s put in my way...fragrance(sillage)-metre. EDP simply means Eau De Parfum which shows that the fragrance has between 8 and 15% perfume oil.


EDT on the other hand implies Eau De Toilette which means the fragrance has between 4 and 10% perfume oil, while EDC which means Eau de Cologne has perfume oil of between 2 and 5%. Others you might not really know are Eau Fraiche usually 3% or less, Soie de Parfum which has 15 – 18% perfume oil, PARFUM also known as Extract or Extrait (15 – 25%) and then Perfume Oil (15 – 30%). 
 Now which of these are we to wear, and when? Aha! Confused right? Here’s some guideline; PARFUM which is one of the strongest fragrance available, lasts as long as 6 to 8 hours and as such you only need spray less.

EDP is actually lighter than the Parfum and is less expensive compared to the Parfum, but also has a long lasting fragrance smell, lasting between 3 to 5 hours. EDT which is now lighter in fragrance perception than the EDP, can mostly be used for the casual everyday use. It is also less expensive than the EDP and lasts for between 2 to 4 hours. EDC is lighter than EDT, and also known as Cologne, has the greatest dilution of fragrances with a 3 – 5% concentration of perfume essence and usually lasts for 2hours. Pheew! You sure don’t want to offend people around you with the sillage, make sure you are wearing the right perfume at the observed occasion, where to and not to spray? ... discussion for another day... Obrigado!

Written by Meme Godfrey


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  2. I personally like the Cologne version of any perfume especially on the summer occasion. Sometimes I like to wear EDP version before going out any party or outings. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


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