Some Random Facts You Probably Don't Know About Me

Hello people, I have been blogging for almost three years now and I bet some of you still have questions about me. The least you know is "she is a blogger and Udoka or Jane is her name."  Some don't even know my last name. So let's do this....

My name is Udokamma Jeanfrancis Emereonye,Heheheh. long name right?  With a complicated middle name too. While I was growing up, may people spelt my middle name as Jane instead of Jean, I was compelled to joined them just because Mrs Abara (Grade four teacher) told I don't know how to spell my name.  But my birth certificate has Jean and my Dad is still writing Jean as my middle name. Jane or Jean anyone goes.

I'm a staunch Roman Catholic. 

I'm a super duper hyper active extrovert with an undying energy. I'm very lovable, people just love to be around me because of my positive energy. That has made me to have a million and one friends that have never disappointment me over the years.

I'm from Ehime Mbano Imo State Nigeria. But I grew up at Lokoja. Had my secondary Education at HRC Enugu State and Went to Imo State University for my Bachelors, then MSM USA for my Master's degree.

I'm very very light in complexion, some people made fun of my skin color, while I was growing up. I wished there were a cream to darken me. Honestly, I would have darkened my skin if I had my way then.

I have freckles that I love so much all over my body. My facial freckles are one of the cutest things ever.  I hardly wear makeup on them, but whenever I do I try not to conceal them much because I get so much compliments of how cute they're. 

I'm the 3 child and second born and have 7lovely siblings. (Shout out to McD, my brother who is a upcoming rapper)

My mom died 19years ago but I still cry each day just because I miss growing up with her.

I have  a step-mom I  could kill for and 2 sweet step siblings. (I love those children to death)

I have a Bachelors in Economics and Master's of Business Administration with concentration in Information System.

I honestly do not have a favorite food, but I could eat honey beans all day and not complain.

I could be at the gym all day and burn 600 calories, but stop at Mc Donalds on my way home and consume 1000 calories. Yet I will complain how hard I work out at the gym and not lose a pound

I'm a Linux/Unix Administrator. Work almost round the clock, sometimes I work over 70hours a week.

I'm a lifestyle blogger, my blog is almost about me. More like a reality TV but online platform. Heheehe. I have a YouTube channel that is under construction and can't wait to reveal it.

I love events, Oh Lord! If you invite me to an event I must show up. I can never fail you no matter the distance. And if you're my close friend, I will definitely sleep over in your place just to give you an extent

I'm a giver, My biggest challenge is to say "NO" to somethings I could help with. I go outta my way to help if I could.

I'm a very happy jolly girl and the slightest problem get on me easily.

My laughter is contentious, there is never a dull moment with me.There must be something to do or topic to discuss

Went to Lagos for the first time in my life in 2012 for NYSC curtesy of Dimma Umeh of ThatIgbochick blog.  (I don't know what I would have done without my Chidimma, she is such a sweetheart) Spent 2years and left for the United States in 2014. Not been back since then

I'm a Nollywood fanatic and wanted to be an actress  or TV host but that dream didn't live. I have given up on Nollywood, maybe Hollywood will fulfill that dream.

I bought ticket for MBGN 2010, but my papa wan kill me use me do pepper soup. So that dream has died and been buried.

I have a book am currently writing, heaven help me to finish up because am tired already.

I'm a dreamer, there is no day I go to bed without dreaming. I even dream while taking the shortest nap. Udoka the dreamer.

I don't have a favorite musician anywhere in the world. I love good music no matter who sang it. But I crushed on Akon when I was a Teen only because of his skin color. I love them dark, brown/chocolate wink!

I think am very romantic even-though friends says am not.

I miss my family so much and wish I could be with them at this festive period.